Poster-Präsentation auf der NAS-Konferenz

FAST wird auf der 10. "IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage" (NAS 2015) ein Poster präsentieren. Die NAS wird im Boston Park Plaza Hotel am 6. und 7. August stattfinden.

Titel des Posters: "Evaluation of a Hash-Compress-Encryptfor Storage System Applications Pipeline"

Autoren: Matthias Grawinkel, Michael Mardaus, Tim Süß, André Brinkmann

Abstract: Great efforts are made to store data in a secure, reliable, and authentic way in large storage systems. Specialized, system specific clients help to achieve these goals. Nevertheless, often standard tools for hashing, compressing, and encrypting data are arranged in transparent pipelines.
We analyze the potential of Unix shell pipelines with several high-speed and high-compression algorithms that can be used to achieve data security, reduction, and authenticity. Furthermore, we compare the pipelines of standard tools against a house made pipeline implemented in C++ and show that there is great potential for performance improvement.

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